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After training, analyzing and designing, the HARPC work starts.  Some people are of the mind that a change process takes three years.  We have found that changes come much quicker than that - usually within a few weeks.  And the changes will be measured by your people so they can see the results themselves.

The speed at which implementation and the change process occur depend on whether or not the mindset of your management staff are on board with the requirement to change. 

We have worked against all odds before - usually when the CEO or President wasn't on board with what needed to be done.  That type of a situation is expensive for a company and wastes a lot of time and manpower.

In other cases, we have known the CEO to take all upper management into private meetings where new priorities were established. 

HARPC Priorities and Empowerment

Priorities are what makes change happen.  Even at the lowest or smallest level of implementation, setting priorities based on lower level needs and hard data help to drive trend analysis, causal analysis, corrective action planning and implementation and review cycles.  If management is threatened by empowerment, management is not getting their money's worth out of their employees.

Do you see that blue, green, yellow and red bar chart above?  That is what we call a Pareto Analysis - it is simple to develop and easy to understand.  Suppose those were your problems.  Which color would you say represents the largest problem? 

Yes, the red one.  That's the one we all start to work on first.  There is no argument about which priority should come first.  The data tells the story.

As W. E. Deming used to say:

If you do not know where to start, start somewhere.

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