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What does a HARPC Food Quality System look like?

The food supply chain is a set of interdependent companies each providing customers with a specific product.  When these companies work together to create a food safety system design and to implement food safety between them, liabilities go down, buyers are free to negotiate price and delivery issues and the government stays out of your business.  Handling the issues involved with food safety are not so complex that your people cannot understand and control problems - and keep problems from occurring.

How Can Our HARPC Quality System Help Us?

Make no mistake, your company needs to develop a food safety system design that involves quality control principles and practices.  The federal, state and local governments are all moving to drive quality control strategies into the food safety arena.  This move will help to make things easier for everyone because most companies already have decent quality systems in place.  This move is a result of what the FDA and CDC have learned in their work on drugs and medical devices.  The file below will help you to understand their need to make this shift.

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How is a HARPC Quality Food Safety System Designed?

Your company specializes in raising, distributing, processing or serving food.  We specialize in food safety system design and in implementing the quality system processes that save you money, reduce your liabilities, keep auditors out of your hair and protect the public. 

  • We will get to know your operation better than you do. 
  • We will collect important data and plot trends
  • We will interview your employees - top to bottom
  • We will study your factory, restaurant, inventory movement, process flow and your current system
  • We will look at your audit and corrective action records
  • We will talk to your suppliers and your customers
  • We will sit down, prioritize things, write you a summary and
  • We will develop a schedule and pick a place to start and
  • We will all get to work

The image below is a link to a power point file that will illustrate how we look at the food safety world.  Download the file, and run the power point as a slide show one click at a time.

You probably already have many of the tools you need.  Why not use them to the fullest?

Quality In Food Safety specializes in helping you to understand how to use the tools you already have to get control of food safety with ease and at low cost.  

HARPC? HACCP?  Process Controls?  GAP - GMP - GHP?  Audits?  Documentation?  ISO?  Calibration?  Teamwork?  Commingling?  Grinding Logs?  Certification?  Supplier Controls?  Traceability?  Corrective Action?  Recalls?

So those words scare you?  The words might be different, but they are all part of a reasonably good quality control system.

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