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The work Quality In Food Safety has done with systems design has set the stage for the design of a private sector system that incorporates electronic traceability, food supplier certification and control, compliance, risk assessment and recall capabilities into a single system.  Quality in food safety takes an integrated approach to prepare your operation to competently manage food safety and quality.  The company is currently seeking funds to complete server software development of the iFSS in order to automate their consulting functions.  The planned iFSS server will be available as a completely pre-configured off-the-shelf device. 

As part of the iFSS server, the company developed a quantitative risk assessment model for ranking food suppliers based on critical food safety predictors. The intent of the model and ranking system is to provide buyers and investigators with information critical to purchasing and recall decisions.  For more information on this patented approach, email jinfo@qualityinfoodsafety.com.

Our team helped piloted the United State's first RFID Internet enabled farm-distribution-retail project for the State of Hawaii.  Google "Hawaii Food Traceability" to read more.  This award winning food traceability and safety project has attracted international attention and earned a number of prestigious awards.

Take Control of Your Own Food Safety System

The iFSS puts your data under your control and provides you with the information you need to take control of your own food safety processes.  The system gives you traceability control and allows you to establish food quality and safety control over your suppliers.  Using patented technology, iFSS automatically provides you with risk assessment data and provides you with critical risk reporting at critical times.

And Be Prepared in Case of a Recall

The iFSS server uses its traceability, supplier certification and risk assessment data sets to provide you with rapid response capabilities in the event of a recall.  Although your data are maintained privately, you have the option to link to other systems and do your part when required. 

Read about our design for an integrated food safety system by downloading the PDF file below.

A Free Software Sample to Control Organic Certification Data

Let us save you a lot of time and man hours.  Send us an email to info@qualityinfoodsafety.com and we will send you the software shown below that will allow you to enter your critical organic documentation information directly into your computer.  The software will allow you to do searches and print reports anytime you want.  The software was developed using Microsoft Access so please check that you have Microsoft Access running on your computer.

Process Measurement For Return on Investment Studies

Here is a sample of an excel spread sheet that can be used to calculate yield, rework and other costs associated with supply chain food problems.  The demo is done using a power point presentation.  Download it, set it up and run it one click at a time.  This model runs as an in-process measurement tool but can be adapted to run through a supply chain - farm-to-fork.

Run this power point one click at a time as a slide show.

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