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QIFS is intimately involved with sanitation testing and temperature monitoring as two key preventive approaches necessary for maintaining quality control over food safety processes.  We work with a limited number of companies whose products we believe are the most fairly priced but deliver the best quality testing capabilities.
Temperature Monitoring


Emerald GPS Enabled Temperature Monitoring Units for Perishable Products is designed to meet FDA FSMA Shipper, Carrier and Receiver Reporting Requirements.

Step Up to Solve Your Temperature and
Location Monitoring Questions

Emerald units are now available for you to purchase in small quantities so you can test this technology in your own environment.  You may order with or without data uploads to the cloud.  The units collect and transmit temperature and GPS data and allow you to use your cell phone to view temperature profiles and geographical locations.  The units can be set to establish upper and lower temperature limits and send alerts for violations of your carrier specifications. 

Cobalt M - Monitoring Facilities & Moving Product

Facing ever-stricter regulatory and auditing constraints, your delivery services are required to maintain tight control over temperature conditions for the products you carry. You also need to be able to provide accurate records of the entire transport cycle in case of problems. Life science, health, pharmaceutical, and food sectors are all directly concerned by the need to provide highly constant storage environments for mission-critical products on the move. Cold-chain consistency is essential for maintaining product quality.

Designed for use inside refrigerated trucks and containers, Cobalt M monitors and records air temperature to protect temperature-sensitive products and provide tracking details to prove conditions during transit. Drivers can even be alerted via a wireless siren if the temperature inside the refrigerated chamber changes unexpectedly.

At your delivery points, a receiver module downloads temperature data downloaded wirelessly and forwards it over the network to your ThermoServer application. Using the dedicated Cobalt M software, you can view routes and delivery details in Google Maps® and generate reports from a reliable audit trail.

The Cobalt M module integrates a light sensor with patented door open/close detection, and offers wireless range up to 400 meters with battery life of at least one year.

Cobalt is particularly well adapted for use as a wireless shipping temperature sensor and for wireless temperature reading.

Key features

  • Temperature range:
    -30°C to +50°C
  • Dimensions: 86 x 64 x 29.6 mm (3.4 x 2.5 x 1.2 inches)
  • IP65 protection, water resistant
  • Battery life 1 year or more, depending on use (user-changeable battery)

Cobalt M with temperature and light sensor

Perfect for transport applications in food, health, and life science sectors.

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